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Pirate Pete's Grocery Delivery

Convenience With a Conscience

Grocery Delivery You Can Feel Good About

You know the funny thing about people? They've got families. Dreams. An appreciation for health insurance. And while other grocery delivery apps are in a race to the bottom to cut costs, we treat our drivers like they're meant to be treated.

You know, like people. It's kind of our superpower.

That means you can feel good about letting us help you. Need a bottle of wine from Larchmont on a Friday? We know a secret parking lot. Can't wait in line for a prescription at CVS? We've got gel insoles. And we'll get it to you faster than it takes to pick up your aunt from LAX.

Introducing a Faster Way to Shop

2 hours isn't much time in Los Angeles. It's a couple of back-to-back podcasts. An uphill battle up Laurel Canyon. Most of a Spider-Man. And if you've ever fought your way to that great locally-owned wine shop on the other side of LA you know how quickly 2 hours can disappear.

That's where we come in. We're Pirate Pete, a collective of Angelinos connecting our neighbors to their favorite independent retailers.

We're different from those Big Delivery Apps because we're built different from the ground up. We're a one-of-a-kind network of shops, pickers, and drivers that deliver store-to-door in 2 hours. Whether it's heirloom carrots from Erewhon or melatonin from MedX, our team can get you what you need in less time than it takes to leave the Hollywood Bowl.

Not to keep harping on those Big Grocery Delivery Apps, but they're the ones funded by venture capital. They fight tooth-and-nail to pay their "independent drivers" as little as possible.

That's not us. We're the little guy. The on-the-ground workers who joined forces to buck the system. Which is why at Pirate Pete, we're going against the grain. You could call us disruptors, but we like to think we're going back to the basics. When we all had each other's backs.

That means we don't rely on just one person to drive an order across town. We're all invested in it, and like a relay team, lots of us play a role in the delivery process. That's what makes us different. And how we can get Tillamook ice cream to Studio City before it Tillamelts.

Pet Food with Pride

If your family's like ours, it includes members of the furred, feathered, and scaled varieties, big and small.

Why shouldn't they get the Pirate Pete treatment, too? We're

proud to bring treats and toys from our favorite boutiques like

Orange Bone and The Urban Pet to our fluffy fam across LA.

But our partnerships don't stop there. We're also proud to include specialty stores like Just Food For Dogs, Burbank Scales 'N Tails,

and Birds Plus as members of the Pirate Pete delivery network. So add some kibble to your carrot cake, and enjoy our 2-hour guarantee.

Five Star Service

It feels like every day people ask us, "How do you get such great reviews? What's Pirate Pete's secret sauce?" They ask it like it's a secret algorithm we locked in a vault somewhere, but the answer's obvious to us: happy teammates mean happy customers. We all succeed when Pirate Pete succeeds, and the only way that happens is when you're happy.

That also means we've learned to listen. If you have a custom request for your picker (like under-ripe Bosch pears that are perfect for baking) or driver (we have no problem with contactless delivery), you can tell us, and we'll make it happen.

There's no greater city than LA, and we want to keep it that way. That's why we're committed to helping our local stores thrive, and there are a few hidden gems we're excited to introduce you to. So why not join the Pirate Pete revolution? It's good for LA and great for you. And with the two hours you save, you just might have time to find parking at Runyon.

Pirate Pete. Convenience with a conscience. Download The App and enjoy 2 weeks of free deliveries with code: OPENSEAS


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